Save the Swimmers, Save the Eggs!

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THRIVE is an all-volunteer organization based in Austin, Texas. We exist in our community because insurance companies still have not come to their senses to fund fertility preservation for this unique population. While funds for reconstructive surgery, hair supplements and other procedures are readily available for cancer survivors, fertility preservation and related costs are still very expensive. Imagine receiving the news that you have cancer and that you have less than 6 weeks to figure out your family planning for the rest of your life. For most people, IVF and fertility preservation are abstract concepts – until you have to navigate the unique world of Gonal-F and other follicle stimulating hormones. Then imagine learning it is going to cost you nearly $15,000 just to store eggs or embryos for future use. It is a nerve-racking experience to say the least and THRIVE is here to make sure folks in the Central Texas community don’t fall through the cracks.

Because of our volunteers, we are able to help defray up to 65% of the out-of-pocket costs related to fertility preservation. It is our belief that money should not come between a cancer diagnosis and the desire to start or continue a family during survivorship. If you are interested in volunteering with us, joining our Board of Directors or just want to learn more about us, fill out the form below and we will reach out and coordinate how you can help.

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